WITH is a group that was created to encourage real and open dialogue within the wedding industry. So often we’re going to events, passing out business cards, and drinking amazing drinks and tasting amazing food. And while that’s great, there’s a need for deeper conversation, socializing, and education in a comfortable format. You can join a cooperative community where wedding industry pros engage in real talk, share challenges/wins, and get to know each other past their business cards and logos.


Professionals with 5+ active years of experience in the wedding industry. If you have 0-4 years of wedding industry experience, send us a note as we have a waiting list started.


Yearly Town Hall Event: We will host this event yearly to discuss trends, rises, declines, and the current state of the wedding industry.

Monthly Mastermind/Roundtable Discussions: We meet together once a month in person to discuss important topics in our industry and at certain events even pick a few willing wedding professionals to explain a business struggle they are having and have the group help by brainstorming a solution or providing feedback.

Workshops: Hands-on help on topics like social media, email marketing, and more!

Retreat/Conference: Want to get away and meet other wedding professionals from across the country? Stay tuned for more details on this.

Social Events: We have a few social events that allow members to gather together to connect throughout the year.

Private online forum: We’ve started a private Facebook page where members can talk about topics after/in-between monthly meetings.


  • Participate in solution-based conversations •

  • Learn how to market your business in a new millennial world •

  • Improve your social presence •

  • Improve your web presence •

  • Learn how to create better systems and processes •

  • Strategies on how to grow your business and team •

  • Create a more balanced lifestyle •

  • Grow from creating an extended business family •